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    The Equality and respect in sport implementation guide provides a step-by-step approach, and good practice examples of how your sporting organisation can work to prevent violence against women.

    The implementation guide should be read in conjunction with the Equality and respect in sport standards.

    Implementation guide

    Implementation guide

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    Step 1: Getting started

    Key tasks

    Identify staff to lead the work internally

    Understand violence against women and how sporting organisations can prevent it

    Secure genuine commitment from leaders

    Ensure your organisation can respond to staff, players and volunteers who experience abuse and violence

    Step 2: Developing an action plan

    Key tasks

    Consult and engage staff and key stakeholders

    Collect data on your organisation

    Assess your workplace against the Standards to determine priorities

    Develop or revise a long-term strategy and immediate action plan

    Step 3: Implementing your plan

    Key tasks

    Implement priority actions to support gender equality

    Review and reflect on an annual basis

    Equality and respect in sport standards

    These standards focus on what you can do with your staff and stakeholders to address violence against women in a sports context.