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Our work lives have a significant influence on us professionally and personally, and help shape our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours around gender and violence against women.

Your workplace can help create an Australia where all women are safe, equal and valued.

Our Watch provides free tools to help you identify key actions to ensure that gender equality and respect are at the centre of your business or organisation.

What is Workplace Equality and Respect?

Workplace Equality and Respect is an evidence-based approach and can guide you to embed gender equality in your workplace and prevent sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence including domestic and family violence.

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Taking action in the workplace

Every workplace is different, with its own culture, structures and change processes. Workplace Equality and Respect acknowledges this, providing tools that are flexible and adaptive so that you can choose actions that are appropriate for your workplace.

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Office training

Free tools and resources

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The Workplace Equality and Respect Standards are a set of principles to guide your workplace through the change process.

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This is the overarching guide to undertake Workplace Equality and Respect in your workplace.

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This guide will help you understand how the Workplace Equality and Respect Standards align with the Positive Duty Standards.

End workplace sexual harassment

Our Watch is calling on Australia’s businesses to lead the change and stop sexual harassment at work. Everyone deserves to be safe, supported and respected at work. This means that sexual harassment, disrespect, and discrimination have no place. 

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This free, 6 hour training has been developed to support people who are new to the primary prevention of violence against women sector.

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This 60-minute presentation provides a brief, high-level overview of Change the story.

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