Tips to help your council get started in prevention of violence against women

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    As the closest level of government to the community, local governments are uniquely placed to influence and drive social change.

    Start with these tips

    Explore these tips to get started in the prevention of violence against women in your local council.

    Take time to build your own understanding of violence against women, what drives it and its relation to other inequalities. Understanding the facts about the prevalence, impacts and drivers of violence will help to build the case for action.

    Understand the community you are working with. What are the demographics of the people living in your municipality? Remember that gender inequality and violence is not experienced in the same way by all women (or men).  

    Consider the ways that discrimination and disadvantage can affect people in the workplace and in their community.

    Get leaders and councillors on board to endorse and commit to the prevention of violence against women. 

    Learn about primary prevention. Prevention work may be new to many, and it will take some time for everyone to understand the role they can play in their position at council.

    Make sure contact numbers for support are available. Provide relevant contact numbers for victim-survivors such as 1800RESPECT and your state or territory-specific referral service for perpetrators of violence.

    Connect with other councils in your region and with your local government association for support and to find out what’s already happening.

    Start small and be realistic about what you can achieve. Your approach doesn’t necessarily need to be a new program or initiative. You can integrate prevention into activities that you are already doing.

    Backlash and resistance are an inevitable part of prevention work, but resistance can be a positive sign that change is happening. Consultation to develop appropriate messaging is one important way of reducing resistance.

    Webinar for councillors and leadership

    Webinar for councils and communities

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    Practical actions for local councils and the benefits of prevention for local government.

    Outdoor community event with a large group of people on a lawn sitting around in front of a stage. There are trees in the background and blue sky.

    How to stop violence against all women, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, LGBTIQA+ people, migrant and refugee women, women with disabilities and older women.