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    This series of 12 factsheets offers ideas to support councils to embed the prevention of violence against women and gender equality into all areas of their influence.

    They are designed to be a starting point or a quick-use tool for people in local government developing their approach to primary prevention and gender equality.

    Resource cover is orange and a white heading with table of contents. Illustration on the page is of 5 diverse women and one child, in colourful clothing.

    Factsheets for councils and council staff

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    The information in these factsheets can be used to:

    • build your knowledge about violence against women and its prevention
    • obtain commitment from your council to champion the prevention of violence against women
    • help you engage key community partners, the media, and council staff on this issue
    • give you pointers for where to go for more resources
    • provide examples of successful prevention initiatives undertaken by other councils around Australia.

    The factsheets are relevant for councils and council staff at various stages of their prevention work and were developed by Our Watch in conjunction with the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) and all state and territory local government associations.

    Please note that these resources were last updated in February 2023 and have replaced the Prevention Toolkit for Local Government (2020).

    Business people in a casual meeting setting, focus on one woman with curly hair and glasses smiling and drinking coffee.

    Practical actions for local councils and the benefits of prevention for local government.