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    This report is the final evaluation report of a pilot of respectful relationships education in primary schools in Victoria and Queensland.

    The focus of the Respectful Relationships Education in Primary Schools Pilot was on implementing and evaluating a whole-of-school approach to respectful relationships education in primary schools, focusing on Years 1 and 2 (students aged five to seven years) in particular.

    The evaluation also explored structural and systemic opportunities for the continued take-up of respectful relationships education.


    Cover of the publication showing two primary school-aged girls working together at a school desk. One is wearing a headscarf.

    Respectful relationships education to prevent gender-based violence: Final evaluation report

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    School self-assessment tools for staff and students

    Planning tools to help schools record their current practice as well as opportunities for preventing gender-based violence.

    A busy secondary school corridor and staircase shown at class change-over time with lots of students moving around.

    Understand the gender-based drivers of violence against women and what works to prevent it.