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Guides and evidence (4)

RRE Toolkit overview

This toolkit supports schools to plan and implement a whole-of-school approach to preventing gender-based violence.

RRE evaluation report horiz

Final evaluation report of a pilot of respectful relationships education in primary schools in Victoria and Queensland.

RRE policy brief

This policy brief provides guidance to policy makers and bureaucrats on how to design, implement, and monitor respectful relationships education.

RRE Evidence paper 2021

Evidence and evaluation of Respectful relationships education as a holistic approach to the prevention of gender-based violence.

RRE essentials (5)

RRE assessment tool generic

Planning tools to help schools record their current practice as well as opportunities for preventing gender-based violence.

RRE webinar RRE A national priority

Education policy professionals and policy makers consider good practice in Respectful Relationships Education.

The Line
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The Line campaign aims to help young people have healthy and respectful relationships.

RRE commitment statement

School respectful relationships education commitment statement

    A template ‘school public commitment’ statement, aimed at showing your school’s commitment to implementing a whole school approach to respectful relationships education.

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    RRE Gender equality policy template

    Gender equality policy template

      A template policy to help you create a safe and inclusive school and workplace where all staff and students, regardless of gender, have equity of opportunity and outcomes.

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