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Strategic plan

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Our vision

An Australia where women and their children live free from all forms of violence.

Our role

To stop violence before it starts.

We are a national leader in the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia.

Goal 1: Evidence

Australians understand the drivers of violence against women and their children and their role in creating change.

Our Watch has established itself as a vital, trusted source of evidence for national and international action to end violence against women. Having this evidence ensures the action is effective. Our Watch commits to building this evidence further, translating it into effective action and long-term approaches to changing structures, norms and practices. This will include building on our intersectional analysis and evidence to support intersectional approaches.

Goal 2: Action

Australians act to end violence against women and their children.

It will be the collective action of many Australians that will lead to success. Using evidence as our foundation, we will work to increase the skill, number, diversity and coordination of people preventing violence against all women across all settings and to integrate our work into Australian systems, institutions, and structures to address the drivers of violence against all women.

Goal 3: Leadership

We lead a national conversation about ending violence against women and their children.

We embrace our role as a national leader. We will continue to work tirelessly to give Australians the confidence, motivation and tools to drive change, lead the ongoing conversation about prevention and drive investment across industries and governments to create change. In fulfilling this role, we will build alliances and work in partnership with leaders and organisations that specialise in working with people affected by multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and inequality.

Goal 4: Sustainability

We are a sustainable and well-run organisation.

Our great achievements have been built upon the support of our members and the diligence of our committed and focused staff and board. We commit to being an employer of choice by developing a leading workplace through a strong resilient culture, a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace, effective employee engagement and retention processes, and reward and recognition for quality work. We further commit to being a sustainable organisation with robust governance and effective business systems.

Download the Our Watch Strategic Plan 2019-24 here.