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The media can help prevent violence against women. Best practice reporting reinforces the message that we do not tolerate violence in our community. 

Accurate, safe and respectful reporting on violence against women is the first step. The media can also help stop violence before it starts by challenging gender inequality and stereotypes.

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Media guidelines

Our national media guidelines provide tips and information the media can use to ensure reporting does not further harm victim-survivors and is part of the solution to violence against all women and their children.

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Tip and guides for journalists

As former Australian of the Year Rosie Batty said, ‘the media is uniquely placed to stop violence before it starts’.

Media coverage of violence against women and their children has significantly improved in Australia in recent years, but there’s still work to do. 

Guide for media reporting on violence against transgender and gender diverse communities

Tips for reporting on violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women

12 tips for reporting on sexual harassment

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Media trans reporting guide

Key media and reporting resources

National media reporting guidelines

Evidence-based tips for journalists reporting on violence against women.

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  • 12 resources in this collection

This is a collection of recorded webinars on the prevention of violence against women in Australia.

Media Women in media gender scorecard

Information for journalists looking for professional development, including safety and wellbeing, the Our Watch Fellowship and Our Watch Award.

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The media can challenge gender inequality and disrespect towards women in its reporting and as an industry.

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  • 20 resources in this collection

A suite of curriculum materials to support teaching of best practice reporting on violence against women.

Latest webinar

Media reporting to prevent violence against trans and gender diverse people and communities

A conversation for journalists and media professionals to learn practical solutions to accurately and responsibly frame the lived experience of the trans and gender diverse community and contribute to their ongoing safety.

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