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    Change the story is our evidence-based framework to guide a coordinated and effective national approach to preventing violence against women. 

    It goes beyond a focus on individual behaviours to consider the broader social, political, and economic factors that drive violence against women, and the social context of gender inequality in which this violence arises. 

    Importantly, it outlines the essential actions needed at all levels of society – from individuals to schools, from workplaces to governments – to address these underlying drivers and stop this violence before it starts. 

    With the first edition of Change the story, Australia began developing the foundations for a world-leading approach to primary prevention. This second edition provides an updated, expanded, evidence-based framework for Australia to continue and strengthen this shared national approach. 

    Change the story: Three years on (2018) reflects on the uptake and impact of Change the story since publication in 2015.


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    Change the story: Second edition

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    Changing the picture outlines the actions to address the drivers of violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

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    Changing the landscape is a guide to the prevention of violence against women and girls with disabilities.