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Our Watch launches new storytelling resource for practitioners

January 31, 2019 / Our Watch media team

Our Watch has today announced the launch of a new, multi-purpose resource for practitioners.

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Unpacking Violence: a storytelling resource for understanding non-physical forms of abuse and the gendered drivers of violence against women is part of the No Excuse for Abuse campaign, funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services.

Research shows that one in four women in Australia has experienced at least one incident of non-physical abuse from a partner; however, half of Australians find it difficult to recognise non-physical forms of abuse between partners.

The new resource aims to support prevention practitioners in their work to increase understanding that all forms of abuse are serious. It includes seven narrative stories as well as guidance notes assisting practitioners in undertaking prevention activities.

The resource consists of seven short narratives that can be used to demonstrate and unpack non-physical forms of abuse. The narratives cover a range of situations and forms of non-physical abuse and are a powerful way to challenge myths, highlight gendered norms, practices and structures, and engage the audience with the gendered drivers and essential actions.

The resource also comprises guidance notes to assist practitioners to make best use of the resource when they undertake prevention activities. These include: training and presentations to stakeholders; policy planning; organisational development; and advocacy work.

Find out more about our work to end violence against women in Australia.

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