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Our Watch launch world-first report: Tracking Progress in Prevention

November 4, 2020 / Our Watch media team

Today, Our Watch proudly launched Tracking progress in prevention: A national monitoring report on progress towards the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia. This world-first report shows that tracking national progress towards reducing violence against women is possible and how it can be done.

The report demonstrates that Australia’s approach to primary prevention is based on sound evidence, showing encouraging signs of progress and heading in the right direction – and that we need to stay the course.

Progress made includes the building of the necessary foundations for prevention, such as investment in monitoring and national research, and positive shifts in attitudes and beliefs at a community level, as well as progress towards gender equality supported by various policy and legislative reforms.

Tracking progress in prevention also identifies gaps in Australia’s national approach, and opportunities for further progress into the future.

The report will be integral to informing future policy development and investment in prevention and gender equality initiatives.

Prevention of violence against women in Australia is possible, but only if we do this together, take a shared approach and stay the course over the long-term.

The Tracking progress in prevention report and 12-page summary are now available.

About Our Watch

Our Watch is a national leader in Australia’s work to stop violence against women and their children before it starts. The organisation was created to drive nation-wide change in the practices, norms and structures that lead to violence against women and children.