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Preventing violence against women through sport

In this article

Our Watch works with sporting organisations to embed gender equality and respectful relationships into their networks and communities, and build cultures that help prevent violence against women and their children.

The iceberg image in this clip has been adapted from Gippsland Women’s Health, ‘Make the Link’ resources. Accessed September 2017.

This video is also available with a female narrator on YouTube.

Sport can be a key setting to empower, motivate and inspire change, on and off the field. Sport can use its influence to extend the principles of equality and fairness beyond the field – into the boardroom, the coach’s box, the stands, the change rooms, and the media – to prevent violence against women.


How sport can help change the story

How sport can change the story provides practical examples of actions that everyone involved in sport – whether you’re a Board member, CEO, manager, coach, player, umpire, staff, volunteer or fan – can do to play a role in preventing violence against women.

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