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Workplace Equality and Respect

Your workplace can help create an Australia where women are safe, equal and valued.

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Respectful Relationships Education

Your school can promote gender equality and create an Australia free from violence.

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Media Making Change

The media can use its influence to change the culture and attitudes that drive violence against women.

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Sue Salthouse is a disability advocate and Chair of Women with Disabilities ACT.

Sue Salthouse has worked in the area of social justice and human rights since 1996. She has played an active role in raising awareness of the intersecting issues of gender and disability discrimination that women with disability face.

Sue is passionate about ensuring that women with disabilities don’t get left behind, given they are currently more likely to be victims of domestic violence than their non-disabled peers.

Sue believes the contributions of women with disabilities to everyday life should be better recognised so that we are celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Sue is based in the Australian Capital Territory.

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