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Our Watch is a national leader in the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia. We work to embed gender equality and prevent violence where Australians live, learn, work and socialise.

Our commitment to an intersectional approach

Gender inequality is the underlying condition for violence against women, but it is not the only or necessarily the most prominent factor in every context. The gendered drivers of violence are often experienced in combination with other forms of inequality and discrimination to explain why there are different rates of violence and different types of violence experienced among women.

Our Watch is committed to ensuring that our work addresses the intersections between different forms of inequality, discrimination and disadvantage, including colonisation, racism, ableism and homophobia, and the role that these play in violence against women.

We take an intersectional approach to all our work. See our Organisational Strategy to Strengthen Our Intersectional Approach 2018-2020 for more detail about how we incorporate intersectionality in our work.

Settings for prevention activity

Different environments where people live, learn, work and socialise are key settings for change. Our national framework Change the story identifies 11 settings for prevention activity. They are:

  • education and care settings for children and young people
  • universities, TAFEs and other tertiary education institutions
  • workplaces, corporations and employee organisations
  • sports, recreation, social and leisure spaces
  • art and cultural spaces
  • health, family and community services
  • faith-based contexts
  • media
  • popular culture, advertising and entertainment
  • public spaces, transport, infrastructure and facilities
  • legal, justice and corrections contexts.

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Meet our ambassadors

Meet the Our Watch ambassadors who work to help us prevent violence against women and their children in Australia.

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