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Tarang Chawla

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Tarang Chawla is a writer, gender equality and mental health advocate.

In 2015 Tarang Chawla’s sister, Nikita was just 23 when she was murdered by her partner while she slept.

Because of the horrific nature of the attack, Nikita’s murder generated significant media attention.

Ever since, Tarang has been campaigning to end violence against women and their children with a particular focus on ensuring that survivors’ stories are shared in a safe, sensitive and responsible way.

Tarang is based in Victoria.

When Niki was murdered, so much of the media reporting was about the colour of her skin, our cultural background, or in some way excusing the perpetrator’s responsibility for criminal actions because of ‘culture’ or ‘honour killings’, when all it was, was one man choosing to take the life of a woman.

— Tarang