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Arman Abrahimzadeh OAM

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Arman Abrahimzadeh OAM is an anti-domestic violence campaigner and 2016 Young South Australian of the Year.

Violence was a normal part of life for Arman and his sisters growing up.

Every day his father made sure that his family knew he was the head of the household and that if they disobeyed him, there would be severe consequences.

After years of threats, Arman’s father brutally murdered his wife Zahra.

Following the tragedy, Arman and his sisters, Atena and Anita, co-founded the Zahra Foundation Australia to honour their mother’s memory and assist women in crisis through programs that promote economic empowerment.

Arman is based in South Australia.

Violence against women is everyone’s problem and we are all part of the solution. That is why I’m proud to be an Our Watch Ambassador.

— Arman