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Doing Nothing Does Harm

Violence against women begins with disrespect.

This is a national problem, deep in our culture and society. By challenging disrespect towards women, we can change this culture and ultimately prevent violence against women.

Show, Support, Speak Up.

We can all Do Something to prevent disrespect towards women.

Every situation is different, right? So there is no one way to respond to disrespect towards women. Show, support and speaking up are all great options. You choose – the important thing is to do something. 


Support women

Support women and anyone else doing something:

- Ask if she’s ok
- ​Back up others: ‘What they said'
- Acknowledge what's happened: ‘I’m sorry they said that’

Do something because doing nothing does harm.


Show it's not ok

Actions can speak louder than words.

To show how you feel:
- Roll your eyes 
- Shake your head
- Don’t laugh along 
- Sit between the woman and the disrespectful person 

Do something because doing nothing does harm.

Speak up

Speak up

Speak up about disrespectful behaviour:

- Respond to a sexist joke with ‘I don’t get it?’
- Purposely change the topic: ‘Ooo-kaaay, let’s move on?’ 
- Gently tease them: ‘Are you still in the 1950s?!’ 
- Ask them to stop: ‘Mate, can you not? C’mon’ 

Do something because doing nothing does harm.

Doing Nothing Does Harm

Want to know more?

For more information about the campaign or extra tips on how you can Do Something, visit Doing Nothing Does Harm.

If you need help, contact 1800RESPECT (call 1800 737 732 or live chat) to talk to a counsellor about sexual assault and domestic/family violence.

In an emergency, call the police on 000.