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​AMES Australia Leadership Program

In 2016 AMES Australia, in partnership with Our Watch and leading government and non-government organisations, developed a program to build the leadership capacity of immigrant and refugee men and women to prevent violence against women. 

As a culturally rich and diverse society, extending prevention efforts to prevent violence against immigrant and refugee women is critical to ensuring that all women can live free from violence and the fear of violence. Culture is not a fixed or an inherent feature of particular individuals or groups. It is shaped and can be changed by social and economic forces. By changing cultures and attitudes which condone violence against women, we can prevent this violence from occurring. 

Two leadership courses will be delivered by AMES Australia in 2017, one for men and the other for women, with some sessions combined. The program participants will gain knowledge regarding violence against women and the associated gendered drivers and reinforcing factors of violence against women, and will build the skills required to lead prevention activities. This includes development of skills in public speaking, working with the media, providing advice to governments and peak organisations and working in partnership with others to develop and lead prevention initiatives.

A national approach to the prevention of violence against women requires “an inclusive universal approach, engaging people in all demographic groups, from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, or all ages, abilities, genders and sexualities, and in urban, rural and remote locations”.  Participants will also meet with experts and leaders in the prevention arena and will undertake project activities including the development of a tailored awareness raising initiative for distribution to immigrant and refugee communities at the national level.

This project will build the evidence for how to do prevention work among the immigrant and refugee community. The project is due to be completed by mid-2018.

For more information, visit the AMES Australia website

About AMES Australia

Since 1951, AMES Australia has provided a range of comprehensive settlement support programs, English language and vocational training, employment, community engagement and volunteering services to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Today its 1,200 staff provide over 50,000 client services annually through its 27 centres in Victoria and NSW, and AMES Australia is committed to making a contribution to the prevention of violence against women.