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Our Watch Equality and Respect in Sport

February 14 2019 By Our Watch


Our Watch Equality and Respect in Sport Image

The Our Watch Equality and Respect in Sport initiative
  • Our Watch’s Equality and Respect in Sport is an initiative which aims to assist national sporting organisations build their capacity to promote gender equality. The initiative has a particular focus on workplace culture. 
  • Our Watch has been working with professional sport since our inception in 2014.
  • Our Watch Equality and Respect in Sport is built on a tested evidence base and tailored for each sporting code or organisation’s needs.
Equality and Respect in Sport workplace culture surveys 
  • Anonymous, internal, workplace culture surveys are one routine, operational element of Equality and Respect in Sport.
  • Surveys are entirely confidential and designed to further the understanding of the current experience in the workplace.
  • Our Watch workplace surveys can provide organisational recommendations that can inform culture change strategies and action plans. They do not outline actions to be taken against individual staff members.
  • Surveys are entirely confidential to protect the anonymity of the people involved. 
  • All Our Watch research abides by the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct, under the guidance of Human Research and Ethics committees. 
  • Our Watch surveys are housed on a highly reputable platform utilised by hospitals, government and researchers. All data is password-protected and accessible only to authorised staff.
Our Watch Board and operations
  • The Equality and Respect in Sport initiative, including the surveys, is delivered at operational level and does not involve the Our Watch Board.
Our Watch’s work with Football Federation Australia (FFA) 
  • Our Watch is working with FFA to build the organisation’s capacity to promote gender equality.  
  • As a first step in a wide-ranging Equality and Respect in Sport program, Our Watch supported FFA to undertake an internal, confidential survey to understand the current experience of staff, contractors and players. 
  • FFA circulated the survey invite internally. The survey closed in December. No further surveys are scheduled. 
  • Our Watch will not share findings of the survey externally to FFA.
  • Our Watch was not involved in any staffing decisions taken by the FFA. 
  • Our Watch will work with FFA on their response to the survey findings. This may include training, development of strategies, action plans and use of other proven techniques to create safe, equal and respectful workplaces.

Media enquiries 

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