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Our Watch Awards - One more week to enter

July 06 2018 By Lisa Zilberpriver - Manager, Media & Communications

The news cycle over the past few weeks has been dominated by stories of violence against women.

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All of Australia reeled in shock at the rape and murder of young Melbourne comedian Eurydice Dixon. In recent days, women have been the target of horrible sexist vitriol in Parliament, and in the sporting, TV and entertainment arenas. While these incidents are unacceptable and distressing, Our Watch wants to commend the media for the overall high standard of responsible reporting. 

As part of saying well done, and to give those reporters who’ve done a great job of covering these complex stories some more time, we have extended the deadline for entries to the Our Watch media awards by one week, until July 14th.

The annual Our Watch Awards, administered by the Walkley Foundation, is a national scheme to recognise and reward exemplary reporting of violence against women and their children, reporting that highlights the drivers of violence and what we as a society can do to stop it before it starts.

The awards are free to enter. The Our Watch Awards are funded by the Federal Department of Communication and the Arts.

To enter the Our Watch Awards, visit: http://www.walkleys.com/awards/our-watch-awards/ or contact: Lauren Dixon, Walkley Foundation Awards Manager (02) 9333 0913 lauren.dixon@walkleys.com


Our Watch developed a national media awards scheme to recognise and reward excellence in reporting on violence against women, in particular reporting that highlights the drivers of this violence and what we as a society can do to stop it before it starts. The Our Watch Awards is now in its third year. 

For more information about the awards, which are administered by The Walkley Foundation, please visit the Walkleys' Our Watch Awards page. For more information on Our Watch and resources for journalists, visit ourwatch.org.au.