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It's time to end violence against women and their children

In Australia, one woman is murdered almost every week by a current or former partner.

Our Watch has teamed up with our National Sporting Organisations to tackle the attitudes and behaviours that drive violence against women.

And we’re asking YOU to join the team…

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Violence against women is preventable

We need to call out sexism, harassment, disrespect and condoning of violence against women.

When you question that sexist joke, put-down or comment you’re saying, ‘Enough’. You’re saying ‘No more’ to violence against women. 

Speak out about the behaviors and attitudes that drive violence against women.  

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Join the team - what you can do

You know what they’ve said is wrong. Speaking up doesn’t have to be a challenge. Make it a conversation.
Because staying silent says it’s ok.

When he tells that ‘joke’ about a woman, let him know it's not funny…"It's just disrespectful.”

When a mate gives a woman the kind of attention she doesn’t want, remind him it doesn't matter what's meant by it…“It's just disrespectful.”

When you hear sexist and demeaning stereotypes, ask “Why does it matter if they’re a man or woman…“It's just disrespectful.”

When someone shares something demeaning about women, let them know you don't want to see or hear it…“It's just disrespectful.”

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Want to know more?

To find out more about how attitudes and behaviours drive violence against women, watch the Change the Story video.

For more practical tips on how you can help prevent violence against women download the A-Z of Preventing Violence Against Women

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For assistance or support

Our Watch does not provide emergency assistance or support services to people who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing domestic and family violence and/or sexual assault. If you, a child, or another person is in immediate danger, call 000. For sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service call 1800 RESPECT 1800 737 732. 24/7 phone and online services.