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Extra tips and tricks to do something

There is no one way to act

Every situation is different, right? So there is no one way to respond to disrespect towards women. Show, support and speaking up are all great options. You choose – the important thing is to do something. 


Practice different ways to do something. Try writing down what you want to say or talking it through with a friend. In the moment, ask the disrespectful person to repeat themselves to give yourself some time. If you try one thing and it doesn’t feel right, practice a different approach.

Choose your timing

You can do something when the disrespectful thing happens, or you can talk to the person at another time (just make sure you do actually follow up!).

Address the behaviour, not the person

Focusing on the behaviour can make it seem less like a personal attack. Try saying ‘those ideas aren't cool’ instead of ‘you’re wrong’.