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What is disrespect towards women?

Anything that makes a woman feel humiliated, belittled or like she’s thought less of because she’s a woman.  
Some common examples of disrespect towards women include: 

  • Sexist jokes and comments

  • Thinking or saying women can’t do all the same jobs as men

  • Assuming women should take care of the kids and the house

  • Sexualised comments about a woman’s appearance

  • Continuing to contact a woman even if she’s said she’s not interested or isn’t responding. 

Whether these things are said in front of a woman, or about women when they’re not present, they are all examples of disrespect towards women. 

Why does disrespect towards women matter?

Women have a right to be treated equally and with respect.  

Disrespect limits women’s life opportunities, devalues women, and it can drive violence against them.  
When this disrespect becomes socially accepted, it creates a culture in which violence against women is more likely, and where this violence tends to be condoned or tolerated.

Violence against women is a national problem: on average, one woman is murdered every week by their current or former partner. That’s why challenging disrespect towards women is so important. By showing what’s not ok, speaking up and giving support to women, we can all help to promote respect and prevent violence against women.  

Watch this video for a quick explainer on the links between disrespect towards women and violence against women in Australia.

What are the facts about disrespect towards women?

Download the Doing Nothing Does Harm infographic DoingNothignDoesHarm_Infographic.pdf